The Logo

The logo of ’Seamus Cullen’s Personal Website’ is based on the plan of an ancient earthwork in North Kildare that is historically associated with the Ui Faolain Celtic tribe.

The name Ui Faolain or Ifaolain was used for the northern half of Co. Kildare until the county was formed by the Normans in 1210. This area of the county was the territory of the Ui Faolain tribe for three hundred years until they were conquered by Strongbow in 1172. So complete was the conquest that no structure belonging to the tribe has survived to modern times. However, one earthwork at Ballykealan close to Ovidstown Hill, Kilcock has been historically linked to the tribe. It consists of a D shaped enclosure with a circular enclosure within it. This section of the earthwork dates from the Pre-Norman period. Also, within the circular enclosure is a smaller rectangular moated site which dates from the Norman period.